RV Admission Process

Note: This is only an approximate description of the school's admission process, provided for general informational purposes. If you are a prospective parent/applicant, you would be advised to get the most recent and up-to-date admission requirements directly from the School itself, as it is very likely that some details change from year to year.    -- ed

Rishi Valley School is a vegetarian boarding school in rural Andhra Pradesh with around 360 students. Founded in 1930 by J Krishnamurti, the school has a reputation for educating students to meet the challenges of contemporary times with intelligence and sensitivity. The school is affiliated to the Indian School Certificate board.

The annual intake of the school is around 50 students. We admit students mainly into classes 4, 6 and 7. There are also a very limited number of places available in classes 5 and 11. Students joining class 4 - the first entry point into the school - are between 8 and 9 years old at the time of entry. The school academic year begins in mid-June.

We invite parents interested in seeking admission for their children to begin correspondence with the school between September and November of the previous year. A prospectus and pre-application form will be dispatched on request. The last date for receiving filled-in forms is 15th December. After a preliminary screening based on the forms received and number of places available in various classes, selected students and parents will receive a call for attending a test and interview.

The admission tests and interviews for classes other than 11 are conducted between mid-February and mid-March. Parents and their children are invited in batches to stay overnight in the school guest house. Teachers meet the children informally in a group and later a more formal interview is held along with the parents. The tests consist of 45 minute exercises in English and Mathematics, for which no special preparation is expected. Class 11 admissions tests are conducted after the 10th standard examinations are over in early-April, and the student is expected to write a test in English and one other subject of his/her choice. This is followed by an interview.

After all tests and interviews are completed an admissions committee reviews each applicant's case in detail and final decisions regarding admissions are arrived at by the first week of April for classes other than 11, and a little later for class 11. Parents of the selected students are informed by post at the earliest possible.