RV Lingo and Famous One Liners

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Come on, Man ae ...
One student pleading with another, asking for a favour (usually grub!).
Kanna, putt chitt bundle!
Said to someone who is "exaggerating/lying" a bit (see the Kanna Story in the Literary Corner for more details).
Do you think gooseberries grow on trees?
Angry teacher to a girl whom he had just caught raiding gooseberries from the tree near the Dhobi well.
A typical "rock-and-hard-place" situation: saying "no" would be untrue and saying "yes" would aggravate the teacher even further!
Both of you three ... meet me after this period, just now!
Teacher to 3 guys caught talking in class.
One time telling, two time kick!
Angry teacher to stubborn student/s.
Girls! Staap your civili-waar!
Self explanatory.
No oil, no comb, no hair?
Teacher to dishevelled student.
For three idiot's sake one fool has to wait here!!!
Angry housemaster to boys leisurely strolling back from their supposed morning PT run to Signpost (now sericulture centre).
Best of Luck.
Cad Bet
The costliest bet of our times was to bet one whole cadbury chocolate.
Owe. When you lose the aforementioned bet (or when you exchange your appalams for omelettes, you need to pop!).
Quarter ka
Quarter kilo of Nutrine's FANTASTIC chocolates (who can forget coconut bonbon?).
What the hell.
Budget (budgi??)
Stingy person.
Putting sauce
Sulking (for an example of this, read the story titled "Calling A Spade A Spade" in the Literary Corner).
Lappet / Lubba
Lie profusely (a.k.a. Kanna, putt chitt bundle).
Sorry doesn't make a dead man alive
(But it makes a living man feel better -- that would be the comeback line).
Put eet / Put it the ...
I'm gonna just put it the sleep after the exams man!
Having an extremely bright/gaudy colour.
When someone tells you something you already know.