Appa Rao sir
by Paresh Shah

Appa Rao sir joined RVS in 1981/82 (?), after he had retired from his regular job. He spent almost 20 years in RVS, before retiring again. He was a well liked teacher, whose classes we enjoyed. He taught us Economics and Accounts during the years 1982-1984.

My impression of him was that of a simple, pragmatic man who had faced more than his share of life's difficulties. And yet had a terrific sense of humour. Students from our Accounts class still crack up when we recall some of his classic repartees (most of which I cannot recount here!). The phrases "Debtaar" and "Creditaar" (debtor and creditor) are indelibly etched in our minds and forever linked to double entry book-keeping.

He left RVS in 2000 and passed away in 2002.

Wherever he is, I'm sure he's making them smile (and run for cover!) with his own unique brand of humour. Let him know that we mourn his passing -- truly and sincerely.