What's New?

Apr 17, 2006: Slideshow in the Photo Gallery
  • The images in the Photo Gallery can now be viewed as a slideshow.

    Sep 12, 2005: Selectable playlist in Assembly songs
  • Instead of clicking on each song that you wish to listen to, you can now select multiple songs and play them online using built-in MP3 players or the Java applet provided.

    Sep 11, 2005: Two new Email protection features
    We have added two new email protection features:
  • On the browser your email looks the same, but the underlying HTML code has been changed so that programs scanning for it cannot detect the emails as easily any more.
  • In addition to the above, you can opt for a further "email mangling" feature whereby your email will be displayed in "text" as opposed to the normal format (abcd at something dot com instead of abcd@something.com). This feature can be selected in the "Modify My Data" page.

    Sep 04, 2005: New in the Literary Section
  • Added a poem in the Literary Section, in honor of Sathi akka, by Oopali Operajita

    Aug 25, 2005: Lotsa new Photos; Lingo
  • Lots of new pics in the Photo Gallery, thanks to Prasad Ullal (a previous batch was provided by Aditya Paramatmuni).
  • New entry in the Lingo page.

    Aug 14, 2005: New chant/songs, ClassPhotos, RV Lingo
  • New chant/songs added (these are actual RV recordings)
  • New ClassPhotos (ISC 2001 and ISC 2005)
  • New entries in the RV Lingo page
  • The Photo Gallery is now modified so that most recent photos appear first

    Aug 06, 2005: New: ClassPhoto, Literary Corner
  • New ClassPhotos for batch of ISC 1982 (includes ex-President Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy)
  • New article in the Literary Corner by Sourabh Tolasaria ('01)

    Aug 01, 2005: New content -- Photos, Lingo, Literary Corner
  • New photos added to the Photo Gallery.
  • New article in the Literary Corner: titled "Calling A Spade A Spade".
  • New entries in the RV Lingo page

    Jul 28, 2005: New Site Goes Live
  • Launched the new version of this website, with a host of new features
  • Use of newer web technologies